The Lungs of the Mediterranean

Kali xronia to all! A new year with new perspectives, new challenges, new possibilities. So straighten your spine, pull your shoulders back, raise your chest, take a deep breath and ‘go’! But … that deep breath … some of you will have already felt this one coming … also has a story bound to the

The Amazing Antikythera Mechanism

The role that Ancient Greece has played in the shaping of current day society is a feat that many do not comprehend let alone appreciate. Just think of the contribution they have made to art and culture, research and the pursuit of knowledge, political science and philosophy. But are you aware that in some ways

The Uncertain Fate of Sea Silk – Part 2

In our previous Blog we shared with you one of the most awe inspiring examples of submerged heritage in the Mediterranean Sea; the story of sea silk. Sea silk is made from the long silky filaments, also known as byssus, secreted by a gland at the base of pen shells, especially the noble pen shell