About Our Partners

At Blue Yard Hub we believe in the strength of participating globally and collaborating locally. Below you will find local businesses and organizations that we are proud to be working with and are happy to endorse. Some of these business and organizations offer special deals for Blue Yard Hub customers. Ask our staff for the terms and conditions.


sup_port is your go-to destination in Porto Rafti for sup lessons, sup yoga, sup pilates, guided tours and events. Alexandra and her crew will guide you professionally and with great vibes. Our customers get a 20% discount. Ask staff for terms and conditions.

Istioploikos Cafe-Bar Porto Rafti

Istioploikos Cafe-Bar Porto Rafti is the beating heart of Porto Rafti’s waterfront sports community. Just an arms length away from the Blue Yard Hub it is a great spot for a coffee or cocktail. Our customers get a 5% discount. Ask staff for terms and conditions.

Archelon Sea Turtle Rescue Centre

Blue Yard Hub actively supports the Archelon Sea Turtle Rescue Center in Glyfada, the first of its kind in the Mediterranean region. The Rescue Center is open for visitor on weekends from 11.00 to 17.00 (the center is closed to the public in August of each year).

Happy Sailing at Porto Rafti

Porto Rafti bay is the perfect playground to have your first shot at sailing the seas. Guided by experienced skipper Kyriakos you will learn the ropes on a Topper X Race sailing boat. This activity is limited to two persons per booking.

Save Our Sharks Dive Buddies

Early 2019 Blue Yard Hub became the first dive center in Greece to sign up to the Save Our Sharks Dive Buddies pledge. The SOS Buddy Network aims to more closely involve dive centers in raising awareness about the declining shark populations around the globe.