About Us


Blue Yard Hub is a place where love for the Big Blue of Greece, respect for the environment and the inclusion of people of all abilities have been brought together under one roof.


Blue Yard Hub is a meeting point where we share with you our passion for the sea and all the beauty that lies within. It is where escape, exploration, experience and enjoyment converge.


Blue Yard Hub is about meeting new people, connecting with nature and exploring new possibilities. It's where awesome experiences are forged into lasting memories and friendships.


At Blue Yard Hub learning is made fun, affordable and safe. All staff are certified PADI professionals. With over 25 million certifications PADI is the world's leading scuba diver training organization.

Your doorstep to discovering the sea

Blue Yard Hub is a good-vibed scuba diving center in Porto Rafti specializing in scuba diving training, environmental education and the empowerment of people of all abilities towards 'making a plunge'.

We are committed towards delivering unforgettable underwater experiences for both young (starting from 8) and old, professionally and safely.

But we will also ensure that you will leave our hub knowing more about the Big Blue than when you walked in, whether it be about marine life, Greece's submerged heritage or the environmental challenges that the Mediterranean Sea faces. The Blue Yard Hub offers ample space to relax, linger or keep on learning. In so many ways we aspire to be "Your doorstep to discovering the sea".

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Our Commitment


Our goal is to empower our customers to get the most of a lifetime's experience by applying responsible scuba diving practices and learning about the marine environment. We see it as a privilege and take great pleasure in guiding you towards new possibilities and experiences.


We adhere to the internationally recognized PADI and DDI scuba diving standards to ensure your safety. Blue Yard Hub is audited bi-annually to ensure we meet the ISO scuba diving center requirements. The dive center is insured by the globally renowned Divers Alert Network (DAN).


Blue Yard Hub is very conscientious about the importance of the natural environment and the responsibility that we all have towards it. Both in the way we grow our business and the activities we organize you will find clear evidence of sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.